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Swallow's Flight

Lying in the grass, I see blue sky is surrounding me. Infinite. Clouds spin around each other as they make their way. A way that belongs to nobody and is nobody’s.

Unorganised. Through this all, birds fly diagonally and make their own way. A shared joy, seen from the ground.

Airplanes also make their way and white stripes are painted within the blue.

They make their way.

A regulated way where no deviation is tolerated. The clouds do not mind. Undisturbed they keep spinning, and, as if I am one of them, I watch over the green that stretches out below me.

A swallow appears.

She makes a dive from far up all the way down.

Just as she is about to kiss the earth, she rises again.

I imagine myself on her wings now and I look at the earth through her eyes.

The wind whistles in my ears as she moves faster and faster.

Suddenly, my eyes focus.

I see myself lying there.

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